Do you need someone to “put the words right into your mouth”—a ghostwriter?

Are you in need of a speech, perhaps for political, business, or organizational purposes? Or a toast for a wedding or other occasion?

Do you have a great idea for a novel but lack the “writing chops” to turn your idea into a marketable book?

Do you want to get your memoirs down in print but need a little help writing them?

Or maybe you want a book that will validate you professionally. Let’s say you’re an architect, a fitness trainer, an attorney, a cosmetic artist, a plastic surgeon, a hairdresser, or an interior designer. You want to attract and impress potential clients —but how? Write a book! When people see a book with your byline, they’ll think, “Ah—he/she has written a book. He/she must really know his/her stuff!” You can display the book in the waiting room of your place of business, your home, your brother-in-law’s office…anyplace where it’s likely to get noticed. Even if you sell relatively few copies, you aren’t writing the book to hit the best-seller lists. You’re writing it for advertising, for promotion.

And if you aren’t as skilled at writing as you are at arguing law or applying makeup? Not to worry! Just give me the basic facts, and I’ll write the book for you. That’s what a ghostwriter does.

The book goes out with your name on the cover. Not mine. You get all the credit.

And, like any good ghost, I keep my clients’ identities confidential.  Your secret—that you didn’t write your book all by yourself—is safe with me.

Need a good ghostwriter—for a book, for a wedding toast, a speech, or for anything else that you want to present as having been written by you?

Call me: 561-963-5199 (between 5 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time, please)
or write to me at Cynthia@cynthiamacgregor.com


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