(No…not that kind of ghost. I’m quite alive, thank you. I’m a ghostwriter!)

What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is an experienced, professional writer who writes anything from a blogpost to a book in your name, your “voice,” for you to do with as you wish:

~ Publish your book (self-publish or submit to a traditional publisher)
~ Disseminate your pamphlet
~ Upload your blogpost
…or do as you wish with whatever other materials you want the ghostwriter to craft for you

Who needs a ghostwriter?

~ An individual who has a great idea for a book but doesn’t have writing “chops”
~ A busy person who wants to have his/her book written and published but lacks time
~ A professional/businessperson who wants to be recognized as an expert in his/her field but isn’t an expert at writing.

How does a ghostwriter work?

~ Most often, the ghost works from notes, information, or an outline you provide
~ Sometimes the ghost will have to do research
~ Sometimes it’s a combination of both

Why is confidentiality important?

If you want people to think you wrote the book or other material, you don’t want the ghost taking credit, telling others that he/she wrote the book, or listing the book among his/her credentials and “blowing your cover”

What are the usual pay arrangements with a ghostwriter?

~ Most often, the client pays the ghost a flat fee
~ Occasionally, a ghost will agree to accept a percentage of the client’s royalties on a book, instead of a flat fee or in addition to a smaller fee

As I said up at the top of the page, I’m a ghost…and not the kind that goes “Boo!” Do you think you need or want my services? Or do you just want to ask a few questions and discuss possibilities?
Call me 7 days between 5 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time at 561-963-5199,
contact me on Skype at Cyn.MacGregor, or email me at Cynthia@cynthiamacgregor.com.
My prices won’t scare you.

Confidentiality absolutely assured.

Watch my interview on ghostwriting on Savvy Central’s “Life Unscripted” show:



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