Whether you’re a professional or a businessperson, it pays to be recognized as an expert in your field…maybe even the expert in your field in your locality.

And how do you gain that recognition? One way is to write a book on your subject.

~ But maybe you don’t have time to write a book
~ Or maybe you really “know your stuff” but you’re not such a whiz at writing

That’s when you need to hire an accomplished ghostwriter…like me.

When people, especially prospective clients, see your book with your name as the author, they’ll naturally think, “Hmm…he/she had a book published about [your subject]. He/she must really be an expert in the field.”

From psychiatry to landscaping to MLM businesses, from choosing a lawyer or architect to business franchising to hair care to raising venture capital, you can show off your expertise…and your prospective clients will “ignore the ghostwriter behind the curtain,” to paraphrase a famous line.

Now that self-publishing has gone mainstream, you don’t even have to worry about getting your book accepted by a publisher. Just give the facts/information to your ghost, let him/her write the book, arrange to have it published, and presto…you’re a recognized expert.

To inquire about hiring my services as a ghost, call me at 561-963-5199 from 5 AM to 5 PM Eastern, or write to me at,
or contact me on Skype at Cyn.MacGregor.

Confidentiality absolutely assured.


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