I am a multi-published, seasoned writer (and editor), who is available for assignments of many kinds.

Besides writing books, I do many other kinds of writing, including but not limited to:

  • Ghostwriting of anything from a speech to a book to ?? (Please see the “Ghost for Hire” page)
  • Catalog copy
  • Business materials such as press releases, flyers, ads, or ???
  • Articles
  • Bios and other promotional pieces

What are your writing needs, and how may I help you with them?


I also do editing of anything from a half-page document to a whole book or magazine.

Because I'm also an editor, when I write I turn in clean copy that is virtually error-free. And because I'm compulsive about deadlines, your project will be done on time.

I also am discreet about my ghostwriting clients. Just as I will not divulge their names to you if you ask me, if you become a ghostwriting client,  I won't divulge your name to others, either. "Your" book will remain your book in the public eye, not my book. That's why it's called "ghostwriting" and I honor the implicit confidentiality that's involved.

Email me or call me at 561-963-5199 seven days a week (please, no calls after 5 PM ET unless it's an emergency) to discuss your writing or editing needs.


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