Grant Houser:
Cynthia was a deeply spiritual being, and believed in a loving Creator and continued existence as a Spirit.
We hope you will remember her as a deeply loving and extremely talented woman, who has uplifted the lives of all who have known her and worked with her.

Lori Paige :
Just to echo Grant’s words. Cynthia was a big part of my life since the early 1990s when we started writing and editing together. We talked just about every single day either on the phone or via email. A couple of times when I forgot to press SEND, she was on the phone with me to make sure everything was okay. I don’t think I have ever known a more caring and hardworking person. She lived every day to the fullest and I hope she is at peace now. The day those emails stopped, my life changed forever. Miss you so much, Cynthia. Fly free. Natalie King:
I can’t believe it. It is so sad. She was the most special person. Debbi McClatchey: Cyn, I miss and love you and you’ll be in my heart forever. I know you’re happy in God’s mansion with your loved ones around you. I’m still missing your daily emails. Ezio De Firenze:
R.I.P Cynthia McGregor.. you will be badly missed. Janet Longman: Dear Cyn, it has been a pleasure working with you on all your websites and crazy schemes. You were always a positive, funny, and caring person, with never-ending enthusiasm for your latest venture.  You were so supportive when my mother died, and grieved with me, as I did with you when your daughter died.  Signing off as always with big hugs will miss you is with great sadness that AcuteByDesign Publisher announces the passing of our dear friend, Author, Punster, and Wordsmith, Cynthia MacGregor. She loved writing, and helping others no matter their need; she published countless books over her lifetime. Since June 2014, Cyn was our dearest friend and served as senior editor for AcuteByDesign Publisher.  She loved! She was loved. Rest in peace, dear friend.
Michele Thomas, Publisher
Michael Marion Sharpe
, Retired (Founder)
AcuteByDesign’s family of authors, illustrators, and staff
She gave to life and friends all her heart, every day!

Michele Thomas:
So heartbroken! Rest in peace Cynthia MacGregor. I’m going to miss your tenacity and passion for literature.

Melissa Ridenour:
I am so sorry to learn of Cynthia’s passing. She was such a talented writer. She has left a lovely legacy in her writing. Rest in Peace, Cynthia.

Ellen Read:
 I’m so sorry to hear that Cynthia has passed away. She was a lovely lady. I knew her through her writing. My condolences to her family and friends. xx.